Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy chain lace scarf

In 2004 I designed this chain lace scarf for a beginners crochet class. Around that time fantasy yarn, all hairy and fuzzy, came into fashion in Ireland. Everyone loved the yarn but found it difficult to crochet with because it's not easy to see the stitches. This pattern is based on the chain lace filling from traditional Irish crochet lace. The picture is mine but I'm not claiming the copyright for the pattern because this is a universal stitch pattern and I'm sure many people have had the same idea!

All these years I have been showing students how to make this scarf but I had never actually made one for myself until now!
I used 1 ball (200g) Marble Chunky by James C. Brett, colour Jeweltones and 5mm hook.

Abbreviations: ch = chain, dc = double crochet (US single crochet)

Materials: It's a versatile pattern that can be worked in different weights of yarn to create scarves suitable for any season. Choose a multicoloured yarn with lots of texture and experiment with hook size.

Foundation chain: Make a chain the full length of the scarf (mine is about 60" / 1.5 mtr).

Row 1: Make 1dc in 8th ch from hook, *make 5ch, miss 4 stitches of the foundation ch and make 1dc in the next foundation ch; repeat from * as many times as the foundation ch allows. (Any ch stitches that are left over can be unpicked or sewn in when you darn in the ends.)

If the yarn is very 'hairy' and you can't see the stitches of the foundation ch at all, just miss a bit of the foundation ch that is a little shorter than the 5ch you've just made, insert hook into the nearest ch stitch and make a dc into it. Repeat this the whole length of the foundation ch.

Row 2: Make 5ch, turn, 1dc into last 5ch loop made on previous row (in the centre of the loop underneath the ch), *5ch, 1dc into next 5ch loop, repeat from * to the end finishing with a dc into the last loop.

Repeat row 2 to height required.

Fasten off and darn in ends. You can add a fringe if you like.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarf. Is this in UK terms?

CrochetCreation said...

Thanks Beverooni! Yes, UK terms.

cateetee said...

This is really pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely scarf, beautiful colours. i love JC Brett, I use it to weave with, works wonders!

Finesse said...

Its long and beautiful in lace:)I love the colors used, blue and purple if I'm not wrong?Thanks for the pattern!

Belani said...

Very nice pattern. Thank you for sharing.

Sue said...

Thank you for taking the time to share this ... I saw a lady demonstrating a top made with this repeat pattern on Create And Craft yesterday and needed a bit of help as I'm an absolute beginner ... didn't really want to pay £10 plus for the book though :o( Looking forward to having a go tonight with my practice wool :o) Thanks Again x

lynnsgirls said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait to make it!

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